Security mental models

The influencing mental models of security project is an effort by the Behavior Information Technology (BIT) Lab at Michigan State University to study the link between mental models of security and security behavior.


Grey is a research system that uses off-the-shelf "smart phones" to create a highly secure access-control system that is discretionary and distributed. Grey builds from formal techniques for proving athorization that assure sound access decisions and permit vertually unlimited flexibility in the policies that can be implemented.


Perspective is a semantic file system designed by Brandon Salmon. Perspective is intended to enable home users to easily create and maintain a distributed file system across multiple devices such that files can be easily shared between them. The semantic properties of the file system will allow home users to query files based on the properties of the file in addition to the position of the file within the file hierarchy.


Locaccino is a location-centered social application that allows users to share their location with their friends via a Facebook application. Locaccino's privacy controls assist a user in setting up detailed rules concerning who can see the user's current location depending on user's current time and location.


FoxTor is a Firefox add-on for Tor. FoxTor was created as part of a GUI competition sponsored by the Tor project. The add-on enables privacy preferences in Firefox and automatically configures the browser to use Tor and Privoxy. It also makes it easy for users to switched between a "masked" and "unmasked" state.