Techreports with Security and Privacy Statistics

List of different sources of statistics that I use for research papers and presentations regarding security, privacy, and phishing.

This page contains a list of techreports, white papers, and other sources of statistics about the current state of computer security and privacy. Companies and other large organizations often publish reports of statistics involving security and privacy that represent the state of security from their vantage point. These reports are generally respected and can be used in academic publications to describe the current state of security and privacy. However, be aware that the reports only provide a view from that one organization. It is generally a good idea to look at statistics from several of the reports below to get a wider view of what different organizations are seeing.


General Security Reports


  • Protecting Privacy in Practice:: The current use, development and limits of Privacy Enhancing Technologies in data analysis by the Royal Society, March 2019


Government reports

Kami Vaniea
Kami Vaniea
Associate Professor of Usable Privacy and Security

I research how people interact with cyber security and privacy technology.